Natural Stone Varieties

travertine, and limestone

Every continent on earth has limestone reserves. Travertine is actually a kind of limestone, despite the frequent and conventional references to it as “travertine marble.” As opposed to the marine based formations of many other limestone variations, it is truly the terrestrial (land) created variety of limestone.

Serpentine, Onyx, and Marble

The majority of the world’s mountainous regions are home to the metamorphic rock known as marble. The majority of the marble used worldwide, in terms of volume, is quarried in India, China, Italy, and Spain. Marble is a popular material for worktops, floors, and other surfaces because of its beauty and elegance.


Although mosaic tiles are more than just smaller-than-average tiles, that is how most people see them, unlike the theoretical definition, which emphasizes tile size. They must also have a facial area that is less than 9 inches. The inherent ingenuity of these tiles is very well known. Any combination of tile colors, shapes, sizes and textures can be used to make a mosaic.